Gardner’s Asia Reassurance Initiative Act Earns Praise at Senate Foreign Relations Hearing

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO), Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on East Asia, the Pacific, and International Cybersecurity Policy, chaired the third hearing in the “ARIA in Action” series, which examines the implementation of Gardner’s Asia Reassurance Initiative Act.


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“As the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) celebrates 70 years of repression at home and is increasing its malign economic and military activities abroad, the challenge before us today is to successfully adjust U.S. policy to prepare for the era of strategic competition with a totalitarian near-peer adversary that seeks to displace the U.S. in the Indo-Pacific and to challenge U.S. primacy worldwide,” said Senator Gardner. “We must not let the CCP shape the future uncontested. This is why for the last several years, Senator Markey and I worked on the bipartisan Asia Reassurance Initiative Act, which was signed into law on December 31, 2018. ARIA reaffirmed the United States’ commitment to our allies and partners in the Indo-Pacific and provided a generational blueprint for U.S. policy.”


“I would like to thank Senator Gardner and Senator Markey for championing ARIA, and the whole Subcommittee for its work to advance U.S. interests in the Indo-Pacific,” said David R. Stilwell, Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs. “ARIA advances comprehensive and principled implementation of our vision for a free and open Indo-Pacific. It reaffirms our longstanding commitment to support our allies and partners and deter adversaries in the region. It advances U.S. leadership in promoting peace and security, economic prosperity, and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.”


“As we work to develop and implement a strategy to secure a free and open Indo-Pacific, we are certainly aided by the strong bipartisan support of Congress, including the passage of ARIA,” said Randall Schriver, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs. “ARIA provides a comprehensive set of national security and economic policies to achieve our interests, and does indeed reassure our allies while helping to deter our adversaries in the Indo-Pacific.” 


“As ARIA underscores, strong American leadership is needed to ensure that an international system rooted in the rule of law endures,” said Gloria Steele, U.S. Agency for International Development Acting Assistant Administrator for the Bureau of Asia.“It is also key to the USAID’s ability to project strong American leadership on development priorities that advance U.S. economic and national security interests, which are at the heart of ARIA.”


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Cory Gardner is a member of the U.S. Senate serving Colorado. He sits on the Energy & Natural Resources Committee, the Foreign Relations Committee, the Commerce, Science, & Transportation Committee, and is the Chairman of the Subcommittee on East Asia, the Pacific, and International Cybersecurity Policy.