Gardner, Tipton Blast EPA on Lack of Compensation for Gold King Mine Spill

Washington, DC – Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) and Representative Scott Tipton (CO-03) today reacted to a report that revealed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) told La Plata County it would not receive full reimbursement for the costs that resulted from the Gold King Mine spill, which occurred on August 5, 2015 after the EPA released millions of gallons of wastewater into the Animas River.


“If the reports are accurate, it’s outrageous the EPA does not intend to fully reimburse La Plata County for the disaster it created,” said Gardner. “This is yet another example of the Washington double standard and it’s unacceptable, shameful, and will be fiercely challenged. The EPA must keep its promise to the people of Colorado and abide by the standards it expects of others. I’ll do everything I can to ensure La Plata County, San Juan County, affected tribal communities, and my constituents are fully compensated and the EPA is held wholly accountable for its negligence that’s resulted in property damage and lost economic opportunity for local communities, businesses, and families in Colorado.”

“This is par for the course with the EPA,” Tipton said. “I have been skeptical of the EPA’s management of this situation from the onset and find it offensive to the communities in my district that the EPA, who is directly responsible for this disaster, has so blatantly admitted La Plata County, and others, will not receive full compensation for the damages caused by this spill. The EPA’s admission has raised a whole new set of questions and brought into serious question their competency and capability to fulfill the promises they have already made to the affected communities. We will not let up on the EPA. La Plata and San Juan counties as well as all of the other affected communities, businesses and individuals, must receive full compensation for this disaster.”