Gardner: States Must Lead The Way on Sage-Grouse Protection

Washington, DC – Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) released the following statement regarding the Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service announcement of final environmental reviews for proposed land use plans for the Greater Sage-Grouse:    

"According to Governor Hickenlooper’s office, the state of Colorado has spent $62 million on Greater Sage-Grouse conservation and science. Colorado, and other Western states, have invested this time and effort in order to develop plans that conserve the Sage-Grouse and take into account local environments, communities, and economies. The federal plans, by contrast, are a top-down approach that ignores the work states have already done.

“These federal plans would have major negative economic impacts on states, communities, and jobs. They would significantly hamper access to public lands for sportsmen and other recreational users. They do not represent a viable, workable option for states leading up to the September 30th deadline by which the Interior Department will decide whether or not to list the Sage-Grouse as an endangered species.

“I have introduced legislation which will empower states to lead the way in preserving the Sage-Grouse. My legislation has drawn support from local governments, the Colorado Farm Bureau, energy producers, and many more precisely because it allows states, who know their own environments best, to preserve the Sage-Grouse while mitigating any negative effects on jobs and our economy. I look forward to advancing this legislation through the Senate.”

Read more about Senator Gardner’s legislation, and the organizations that have offered their support, here.