Gardner Statement on Iran Deal Implementation

Washington – Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) today released the following statement marking the implementation of the Iran Nuclear Deal:

“In just the few short months between when this deal was agreed to and today’s implementation, the Iranian regime has conducted illegal ballistic missile tests, violated U.N. travel restrictions by sending known terrorists abroad, and detained American sailors at gunpoint. And yet today, the Obama Administration is poised to begin a transfer of around a hundred billion dollars into Iranian coffers.

“The Administration is embarking on a tragic mistake, a mistake whose ramifications will be felt throughout the region and the world for years to come. The consequences of this deal will be felt in Yemen, where Iranian boats ferry weapons to Houthi rebels. The consequences will be felt in Syria, where Bashar al-Assad’s barrel bombs, paid for in part by Iran, drop on civilian homes. And the consequences will be felt in Israel, where rockets funded by Iran and fired by Hamas fly over the border and towards cities and towns. With billions more in available resources, Iran could drastically expand these activities.

“It is my hope that a future White House works to reverse this course and put Iran under the pressure necessary to truly change their behavior. For now, the message to bad actors around the world is clear: act aggressively enough, for long enough, and your behavior will be rewarded. That is not what the United States of America should stand for.”

Senator Gardner has been a vocal opponent of the President’s deal with Iran. He warned before the deal was struck about the dangers of a nuclear Iran, and denounced the deal when it was announced as a “bad deal with the murderous Iranian regime”. After reports of Iranian violations of U.N. sanctions, Gardner sent a letter to President Obama asking for a response to those actions. On the floor of the Senate, Gardner spoke out about the troubling aspects of the deal and urged his colleagues to reject it. In October, Gardner asked Secretary of State John Kerry whether the Administration believed Iranian Ballistic Missile Launches violated a U.N. ban.

In December, Gardner urged action against Iran for their repeated violations of ballistic missile test bans. At a Foreign Relations Committee hearing, Senator Gardner’s questioning revealed the Administration’s highly permissive attitude towards Iran’s bad behavior.