Gardner Statement on DHS and President Obama’s Executive Orders on Immigration

Washington, D.C. – Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) released the following statement on today’s votes in the United States Senate to fund the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and oppose President Obama’s executive orders on immigration:

“These executive orders have been halted, and the issue is firmly in the hands of the courts. It is my belief and hope that in the courts, these executive orders will be found unconstitutional.

“I am opposed to these executive orders. I voted four times for a DHS funding bill which would have defunded these orders. I voted to overturn the President’s orders in the House, through a bill sponsored by Representative Yoho. I voted to advance a bill to overturn them again today in the Senate. My preference would have been for those bills to pass. Obstructionist Democrats blocked each of these efforts.

“I will continue to oppose the President’s executive actions at every single turn. Shutting down the Department of Homeland Security would only give President Obama another crisis to exploit for his own political gain. I won’t play that game, and I won’t allow our national security to be jeopardized in an era of rising threats from Islamic extremism. The dangers we face are real. There are forces in this world working every day to try to bring harm to America and American citizens.

“Ensuring national security is the single most important job the federal government has. Shutting down DHS would put that crucial mission in jeopardy, and could have disastrous consequences for our nation. Homeland security is too important to be used as a vehicle for political disputes. Today, I voted to fight the President’s overreach, and I also voted to fund Homeland Security. I stand by those votes.”