Gardner Statement on Cuts to Fort Carson

Washington, DC – Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) released the following statement today after news that Fort Carson will be reduced in size by approximately 365 soldiers in the latest round of cuts from the Department of Defense:                                                                                            

"My repeated visits to Fort Carson, including one just last week, have emphasized to me the truly critical role that Fort Carson plays in ensuring troop readiness. I’ve been proud to deliver that message to military officials at every opportunity. While I am opposed to any reductions, I am glad that the cuts are limited and that the Army recognizes the importance of Fort Carson to its own mission. The Army considers Fort Carson an essential power projection platform, and its growth, from just under 14,000 soldiers in 2001 to over 23,000 today, reflects that assessment.

“At a time when threats to global security require leadership by the United States, we have an obligation to provide an Army capable of defending U.S. interests and allies. I am appalled that the President has threatened to veto a defense bill authorizing the resources our nation requires for defense. I hope that he reconsiders this veto threat and works with Congress to maintain the United States military’s pre-eminence in the world.”