Gardner on Iran UN Vote: "I condemn the Administration's action in the strongest possible terms."

Washington, DC – Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) released the following statement today, following the United Nations Security Council’s vote in favor of a resolution creating the basis for lifting sanctions on Iran:

“The Administration’s decision to take their Iranian nuclear agreement to the United Nations before any vote of the United States Congress is a grave mistake. This outrageous circumvention of the American people and our Constitution makes it clear that the Administration would rather run to international bureaucrats for rubber-stamped approval than make the case for their nuclear deal on its own merits. This vote sets the stage for UN Sanctions against Iran to be lifted and Iran’s considerable ledger of past violations of international law to be wiped clean. I condemn the Administration’s action in the strongest possible terms.

“Until Congress has voted, the United States has not agreed to this deal. Yet the Administration has decided to take Congressional approval for granted and present this deal to the international community as a fait accompli. Following up on their seemingly endless concession-granting to the Iranians in Vienna, this action is part of a continuing, disturbing pattern: mislead the Congress, avoid the eyes of the American people, and use all extraconstitutional actions possible to ensure that a deal - any deal - is passed.

“This must end. The American people and their representatives in Congress have a full 60 days to review this deal. The Administration agreed to that time period when it signed the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act. Until that period has elapsed, and until the Congress has voted, it is imperative that President Obama and his Administration stop advancing this deal as if it already has the approval of the American people.

“The Iranian regime has waited decades for the international nuclear legitimacy which the Obama Administration seems determined to grant them. They’ve waited years to receive the billions of dollars frozen in offshore accounts which they can use to fund international terror. And they’ve waited years for the arms embargo against them to be lifted, allowing them to buy yet more weapons for Hamas and Hezbollah to aim at Israel. Congress must fully review this agreement before the Administration grants Iran those concessions.”