Gardner: “Never Tax the Internet”

Washington, D.C.? – Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) announced today that he is an original co-sponsor of legislation to keep the internet tax-free indefinitely.?  The legislation is being introduced by Senator John Thune (R-SD), and would make permanent the Internet Tax Freedom Act of 1998, which prohibits taxes on internet access or e-commerce. 

“Wherever the heavy hand of government taxation inserts itself, innovation, growth, and jobs are quick to disappear,” Gardner said. “Businesses and customers are increasingly engaging online, and American entrepreneurs are making leaps and bounds forward in creating the companies, services, and communications platforms that will dominate the future of our economy. Keeping the internet tax-free permanently is the only way to ensure that the kind of progress we’ve made online will continue.

“We should never tax the internet. That’s a position I supported in the House of Representatives, it was one of the pillars of my Four Corners Plan for Colorado, and it’s why I’m proud to be an original co-sponsor of this legislation.”