Gardner Leads the Charge on Balanced Budget

February 12th, 2015

Washington, D.C. – Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) took a hard stance on balancing the federal budget today, signing on to legislation which would block members of Congress from receiving their salaries unless their chamber of Congress has passed a budget that balances within ten years. The Balanced Budget Accountability Act, introduced by Senator Daines (R-SD), would also prohibit tax increases unless three-fifths of both chambers of Congress vote in favor of them.

“Coloradans who have to balance their family budget every month are sick and tired of seeing Washington’s reckless spending,” Gardner said. “President Obama sent a budget to Congress this year which never balances. Our federal debt has increased by $7.5 trillion since he took office, and hundreds of billions of dollars more are being added every year. It’s time for this fiscal madness to end.

“Those of us who serve in Congress were sent here to do a job. Passing a responsible, balanced budget is part of that job. If members of Congress won’t do their job, they shouldn’t get paid. For too long, the federal government has lived in a fiscal fantasy land, irresponsibly writing checks that it hopes our grandchildren will pay. We must balance the budget. This bill would help push Congress to do just that. I’m proud to support it.”