Gardner Language Included in Bipartisan Sportsmen's Package

Washington, D.C. – Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) announced today that he is co-sponsoring the bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act of 2015. Contained within the Act is language authored by Senator Gardner and Senator Fischer (R-NE) which would require a public accounting of the taxpayer funds distributed to litigants who bring successful claims against the federal government.

“The Sportsmen’s Package is a key piece of legislation which ensures that sportsmen’s ability to hunt and fish will not be arbitrarily impeded when on public lands,” Gardner said. “The bill protects the rights of hunters and sportsmen, ensuring that the federal government does not encroach on their rights. Further, the bill promotes recreational opportunities for all members of the public on the lands that their taxpayer dollars go to protect.

“I’m proud to support the Sportsmen’s Package, and I’m glad that the bill includes the language I authored along with Senator Fischer on reforming the Judgment Fund. Currently, the information available to the public about the money that the federal government pays out in lawsuits is woefully lacking in transparency. This language would change that, promoting transparency in the Judgment Fund and helping curb abuse of this fund by groups continually suing the federal government.”