Gardner Highlights Impact of Ports Slowdown on Colorado Businesses

Jake Jabs and Others Back Gardner Effort to End Port Slowdown                                                                                                                     

Washington, D.C. – Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO), following up on his letter to the Secretaries of Labor and Commerce demanding that they take action on the West Coast ports slowdown, today highlighted the negative impact that the union slowdown is having on Colorado businesses.

“Businesses across Colorado rely on West Coast ports for exports and imports,” Gardner said. “This unconscionable slowdown is having a tremendously negative effect on those businesses, harming their ability to manufacture, import, and export the goods and raw materials our economy needs to thrive. Many businesses have reached out to me and my staff about how they’re being affected, and I hope that the Secretaries of Labor and Commerce keep these business owners’ concerns in mind when they take action on this crisis.”

Jake Jabs, President of Englewood, Colorado’s American Furniture Warehouse, provided the following statement about the impact of the slowdown:

“With the economy turning around, we’ve seen an increase in furniture orders here in Colorado, but the pieces being made overseas are getting caught in the middle – literally sitting at the dock for weeks, waiting to be unloaded. We’ve actually had to remove popular furniture lines from our showroom because we can’t guarantee when they’ll reach our customers & we pride ourselves on delivering the best and timely products.”

Golden Aluminum, based in Fort Lupton, Colorado, provided the following statement about the impact of the slowdown:

“Export sales are a very important segment of our sales portfolio at Golden Aluminum. We are concerned that the West Coast ports dispute could result in short term sales losses and may jeopardize our supplier relationship with some of our long term customers, not only in Asia, but worldwide because of the ripple effect on the entire U.S. shipping industry. We urge the government to work with both parties involved to press for a rapid and equitable resolution.”