Gardner Gets Answers on LNG Exports

Washington, D.C. – Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) participated today in a Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing on export permits for liquefied natural gas (LNG). During the hearing, Senator Gardner questioned witnesses, who included representatives from the Department of Energy as well as outside experts, on the current state of the natural gas industry, and the benefits that exporting natural gas can provide for both our foreign policy and domestic energy security.

“Today’s hearing was a good opportunity to emphasize again just how important it is to expand our exports of liquefied natural gas,” Gardner said. “I’m pleased that the Energy Committee held a hearing on this crucial topic, and many of the answers we received from witnesses pointed towards expanding LNG exports being smart policy.

“Expanding these exports would provide a boost to Colorado’s energy industry and create jobs, and it would help our allies abroad by providing them with a secure, reliable trading partner as an alternative to other exporters of natural gas, such as Russia. America is increasingly taking the lead in world energy, and Colorado is playing a major role in that production. Expanding LNG exports would help keep that momentum going.”

Video of Senator Gardner’s questioning is available here.