Gardner: Five Years of Broken Obamacare Promises

Washington, DC – Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) released the following statement on the fifth anniversary of the signing into law of President Obama’s healthcare law:

“After five years of rising costs, losses of coverage, and repeated lies from the President and his allies about what their law would do, Coloradans and Americans continue to ask whether the broken promises of Obamacare have been worth the enormous cost.

“The President and his allies in Congress sold their government takeover of healthcare on three primary promises. After five years, unfortunately, we now know that none of these promises were kept.

“First, and most loudly, Americans were promised over and over again that his law would not cancel their current healthcare plans. If Americans liked their plans, they could keep their plans. Period. That was not true. Hundreds of thousands of Coloradans, myself included, had their plans cancelled, even if they liked them. Just recently, it was announced that another 190,000 Coloradans, who had been granted temporary reprieve from Obamacare cancellations, are going to lose their plans. This was a key selling point of this law, and five years later, we know it was a lie.

“Second, Americans were promised that they could keep their doctors. This was also not true. Many of the thousands of Americans who lost their healthcare plans saw their access to doctors they knew and relied on vanish along with their plans. Even if they were able to obtain other coverage, their doctors may not have been available on that plan, or they may now be required to see a different doctor instead. And even when their plans provide the right coverage, studies have found that Obamacare increases wait times, leaving patients waiting longer to see the doctors they need to see.  

“Lastly, and most audaciously, Americans were promised that this legislation would control costs. This has proven false, both for individuals and for our entire healthcare system. President Obama said, explicitly, that he would lower healthcare costs for the average American family by $2,500 by the end of his first term. That was not true. A Brookings Institution study found that premiums in the individual insurance market grew 24.4% over what costs would have been without Obamacare, and other studies have found that some Colorado families have seen premium increases of up to 35%. Americans are paying more than ever for care that doesn’t necessarily meet all their needs. On a national scale, the most recent Congressional Budget Office estimate found that Obamacare increased mandatory government spending by roughly $1.7 trillion, which, if left unchanged, would leave future generations with a massive bill to pay.

“We know our healthcare system is in need of reform. Pro-growth, market-based reforms that address rising costs while ensuring that Americans can get the coverage they need is an absolute necessity. But the past five years have taught us that Obamacare, passed on a strictly partisan vote without even being read by the people who were voting on it, is not the answer. I will continue to work to repeal this misguided law, and replace it with a plan that works for all Americans. After five years of broken promises, Americans and Coloradans deserve a healthcare system they can trust.”