Gardner Energy Efficiency Language Included in Senate Budget

Washington, DC – Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) announced that the Senate budget released today includes language that he advocated for on Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs) and Utility Energy Service Contracts (UESCs). Senator Gardner had previously written a letter urging the Senate Budget Committee to address a budgetary issue which caused ESPCs and UESCs to be improperly scored as costing taxpayers money, when in fact they can save taxpayers millions of dollars while creating private-sector jobs.

ESPCs and UESCs are innovative public-private partnerships in which private companies use their own money and resources to make energy-efficiency upgrades to federal buildings. In exchange for making those upgrades, those private companies receive a portion of the money saved as a result of the increased efficiency in federal buildings.

“ESPCs and UESCs are innovative tools used to modernize our federal government,” Gardner said. “They create private sector jobs, increase the energy efficiency of federal buildings, and, best of all, save taxpayers money. It’s not surprising that government budget practices have been slow to catch up with innovative ideas like ESPCs and UESCs, but I’m happy to see that Senate budget rules now properly account for the full benefits that these contracts provide. There is still work to be done on this issue, as the House budget does not include this common sense fix. Including this language that I championed in the Senate budget, however, is a very important first step.”