Gardner Denounces Disastrous Iran Deal

Washington, DC – Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO), member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, released the following statement on the announcement of a nuclear agreement between the Obama Administration and the Iranian Regime:                                                                                                    

“The Administration has attempted to present Americans with a false choice: either you accept their bad deal with the murderous Iranian regime or else you’re in favor of another war in the Middle East. Nothing could be further from the truth. Initial reports about the content of the deal, which indicate the U.S. has agreed to lift the arms embargo against Iran even though the nation remains the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world, are highly disturbing. The more details we learn about the deal, the worse it seems.                                                                                                    

“Reports indicate that this deal accomplishes none of the goals it should, nor the goals the negotiations began with. It would make Iran a globally approved nuclear threshold state. It would endanger our closest ally in the region, Israel. Its sanctions relief would give Iran billions to pour into continued international terror operations. And it would put the national security of the United States in jeopardy by starting a nuclear trip-wire in the Middle East.                                                                                                     

“At every turn, President Obama and the Administration have accommodated a murderous ruling regime led by a President who gladly marches at the front of parades chanting ‘Death to the USA’ and ‘Death to Israel’. This deal is unwise. For the sake of the region, and the sake of the world, it must be rejected.”