Gardner Condemns Months-Long Port Slowdown

Washington, D.C. – Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) made the following statement on the agreement reached this weekend between a dockworkers union and a group of shipping companies which brought to an end the recent West Coast port slowdown:

“This slowdown had disastrous consequences for businesses, consumers, and the entire economy,” Gardner said. “I’m glad that the ports will soon be operating at full speed, and look forward to the ports starting to address the massive backload that has built up over the past few months.

“While I’m glad that this shutdown is over, I’m concerned about the fact that it ever occurred at all. One union has irresponsibly held the American economy hostage. Colorado’s economy suffered needlessly because of this slowdown, and it’s my hope that this kind of reckless negotiation is never again allowed to impact the thousands of small business and middle class families that this dispute did.”