Gardner Bill Protects State Sage Grouse Conservation

Washington, DC – Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) announced today that he has introduced S.1036, the 'Sage-Grouse Protection and Conservation Act', in the United States Senate. The Act represents a continuation of Senator Gardner’s long record of fighting for Colorado’s environment and economy.

The Act would allow states to implement state-created conservation and management plans for the recovery of greater sage-grouse in order to prevent a listing under the Endangered Species Act. The Act would also require the Department of the Interior to share scientific data with states, assist states in crafting and implementing their plans, and recognize the state plans for a minimum of six years. States could, if they so choose, defer to the federal government.

“Coloradans know best how to protect our own precious natural resources,” Gardner said. “Western states have invested time and resources into developing conservation plans since 2011, and the bipartisan Western Governors Association has repeatedly expressed support for a state-based approach. Now, the time has come for the federal government to allow these states to put their plans into action, protecting the sage-grouse while mitigating any negative effects on jobs and our economy. I’m proud to lead this effort in the United States Senate, and I’ll work hard to ensure my bill passes."

            Organizations which have sent letters supporting Senator Gardner’s introduced legislation include:

The Colorado Farm Bureau

The Western Grouse Coalition

The Western Energy Alliance

The Colorado Stone, Sand, and Gravel Association

The Public Lands Council and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association

The Colorado Mining Association

The Utah Mining Association

The American Exploration and Mining Association