Gardner, Bennet Announce $1.6 Million Grant for University of Colorado

Washington, DC – Colorado US Senators Cory Gardner (R) and Michael Bennet (D) today announced the US Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) awarded $11 million for 7 projects in total, one of which is going to the state of Colorado. The Colorado project is funded through the OPEN+ program provided by ARPA-E OPEN+ program.

“The University of Colorado Boulder will be able to grow their innovative research in soil and crop health with this $1.6 million grant,” said Senator Gardner. “It’s critical we continue to develop cutting-edge technologies that our farmers can utilize and I’ll always advocate for and support funding for these types of programs.” 

“As farmers and ranchers in Colorado navigate the uncertainty of persistent drought, investing in technology is one of the best ways we can provide them more opportunities for success,” said Senator Bennet.“Congratulations to the researchers at CU Boulder for securing this grant and leading the way to develop innovative tools to improve farming across the country.”

The designated project is the Precision Agriculture using Networks of Degradable Analytical Sensors (PANDAS). The University of Colorado Boulder will receive $1,690,415, for the development of 3D-printed, biodegradable soil sensors. The PANDAS project aims to provide farmers with the capacity to monitor soil in real-time, increase soil carbon, and allow farmers to more readily determine land fertilizer and water needs.