Gardner Amendments Added to Education Bill

Washington, DC – Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) announced today that two of the amendments he introduced to the Every Child Achieves Act have been adopted. The Every Child Achieves Act, which would reform the federal government’s role in education, is currently being debated by the Senate.                                                                                                    

The two amendments were adopted unanimously, and would help students gain college credit while in high school and give Charter Schools a seat at the table in developing education policy.

  • Expanding Concurrent and Dual Enrollment Amendment: Allows local educational agencies to use funds for concurrent enrollment and dual enrollment programs at eligible schools enabling high school students to simultaneously receive college-credit from courses taught by college approved teachers in secondary education. Additionally, it requires a partnership between the school district and college or university to promote teacher professional development to ensure quality standards are being met and provides flexibility funds to cover expenses for concurrent enrollment including but not limited to tuition, mandatory fees, books, and required instructional material. The text of the amendment is available here.
  • Recognizing Charter Schools Amendment: Requires State Educational Agencies and local educational agencies to consult with public charter school representatives in the development of their Title I plan. Although Charter Schools are some of the highest performing schools in the country, they are not currently consulted during the development process while several other groups are consulted. The text of the amendment is available here.

Senator Gardner continues to push for education reforms which empower the states and local communities which know their own students best.