Democrats and Unions Block Bill Promoting Economic Growth in Colorado

Washington, DC – Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) released the following statement after he voted in favor of a procedural motion advancing Trade Promotion Authority (TPA):

“The failure of today’s procedural motion to advance TPA is a disappointing example of Washington politics getting in the way of growing our economy. Unfortunately, Senate Democrats and their union allies have decided to block this legislation from moving forward and are instead standing in the way of economic growth and American jobs. Breaking down barriers to trade is good for American workers, good for national security, and good for American competitiveness. TPA gives our nation’s negotiators the chance to strike the best deals possible for American workers while still giving Congress the chance to vote yes or no on any final agreement.

“Giving American businesses more access to overseas markets is critical to growing our economy and creating jobs. It’s time to start filling shelves in other countries with more goods stamped ‘Made in the USA.’ Authorizing TPA is a good first step towards that goal. I urge the senators currently obstructing this important legislation to drop their objections and allow it to proceed to a vote.”