Colorado Senators Team Up to Honor Rocky Mountain National Park

“Rocky Mountain National Park is a national treasure, and the unanimous passage of this resolution by the United States Senate shows it,” Gardner said. “Over the past hundred years, the millions of Coloradan, American, and international visitors to Rocky have been struck by the park’s natural beauty, pristine wildernesses, and its diverse wildlife. Coloradans are committed to preserving and protecting Rocky, and making sure its next hundred years are as successful as its last.”

“For the past century, Rocky Mountain National Park has served as an iconic landmark in Colorado,” Bennet said. “It offers some of the best scenic vistas, hiking, and wildlife viewing that our state has to offer. It’s no wonder it attracts millions of visitors every year, who in turn support our state’s tourism and outdoor recreation economy. Celebrating this centennial anniversary reminds us that protecting our public lands ensures that future generations will have the opportunity to enjoy them as we do.”

The full text of the resolution is available here.