Strong US-Taiwanese ties needed to counter rising Chinese influence in the Pacific

On Sept. 16, the Solomon Islands, which had enjoyed 36 years of diplomatic relations with Taiwan, broke off ties in favor of recognizing China. Four days later, Kiribati, another Pacific state, also announced it would be switching diplomatic relations to the People's Republic of China (PRC). These are far from isolated cases. Over the past three years, China has induced - through outright bribery, false promises, and debt-trap diplomacy - the switch of seven of Taiwan's diplomatic allies. Taiwa… Continue Reading


Cory Gardner: Time for Congress to pass the USMCA

In 1994, Disney's The Lion King was in theaters and on its way to become one of the most popular films in the world. Today, 25 years later, The Lion King is still in theaters, only revamped and recut with the latest technology that didn't exist in the early 90s. Congress should take note, and remake another classic from 1994: the North American Free Trade Agreement. A great portion of our economy in Colorado is dependent on trade with Canada and Mexico, who are by far Colorado's top trading pa… Continue Reading


Cory Gardner: Cybersecurity is everyone’s problem. So why are women underrepresented in the field?

ybersecurity is everyone's problem, regardless of gender. The individual safety and national security of men and women alike are at risk from increasingly sophisticated - and frequent - cyberattacks across industries, including finance, communications, law, medicine and defense. So why are women so underrepresented in the field, making up only 20 percent of the cybersecurity workforce? We need dynamic and ambitious solutions to the cyber problem, and it is a loss for everyone that more women … Continue Reading


BLM move to Grand Junction will benefit Colorado's public lands and economy

The problem with Washington is too many decision makers are far removed from the people they serve - out of touch and out of contact with the millions of Americans who are impacted by the decisions and policies they make every day. We see this in Colorado where our 23 million acres of public land are overseen by several land management agencies, including the Bureau of Land Management, headquartered nearly 2,000 miles away in Washington, D.C. For years I've pushed a common-sense idea that w… Continue Reading


Opinion: Cory Gardner: It’s time to pull Congress’ head out of the sand on marijuana

The brilliance of our government is the separation and limitation of power: The People have rights the government must respect; the federal government has limited powers divided between equal branches; and our states have the power to chart their own courses on many of the laws that affect our daily lives. That is why the states are often called the laboratories of democracy. They try new ideas. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they don't. And sometimes the idea that is right for one state is n… Continue Reading


GUEST COLUMN: Reestablish U.S. Space Command in Colorado

In 2007, China successfully destroyed one of its own satellites to reveal its growing military capabilities in space. In the 12 years since, the capabilities of China, Russia, and other nations have only grown. A new report from the Defense Intelligence Agency, released this past January, detailed how other countries have made it a priority to develop their military capabilities in space and erode America's advantage in the newest warfighting domain. U.S. national security depends on maintainin… Continue Reading


Why We Stand With NATO

On April 4, 1949, Johannes Kaiv, the acting consul general of Estonia's government-in-exile, sent a letter to Secretary of State Dean Acheson, which read: I have the honor to offer my best wishes to the signatories of the North Atlantic Pact, and to express my confidence that they, inspired by the ideals of democracy, of individual liberty, and the rule of law, will strive relentlessly for peace with justice, which excludes peace at any price. Therefore, I express the belief that countries wh… Continue Reading


Sen. Cory Gardner: North Korea is still a threat – Verifiable, irreversible denuclearization must be our goal

With the recent announcement of a second summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un, the goal of any discussions with North Korea should remain the complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization (CVID) of the Korean Peninsula. The Trump administration's own 2019 Missile Defense Review released this week states that North Korea "continues to pose an extraordinary threat and the United States must remain vigilant." It furthermore states: "Over the past decade, North Korea accelerated … Continue Reading


Coming together for public lands and the conservation fund that protects them

As thousands of outdoor enthusiasts attend Colorado's Outdoor Retailer Summer Market this week, it reminds us that the wild and scenic spaces surrounding us are not just an important part of our state's heritage and identity; they drive our economy. That is in no small part thanks to the Land and Water Conservation Fund. For over half a century, this fund has used a portion of federal offshore energy revenues - at no cost to taxpayers - to conserve our lands, water, and open spaces and protect … Continue Reading


Opinion: National Park Restoration Act a commonsense solution to park repair backlogs

Last week, we celebrated National Park Week, a chance for Americans across the country to celebrate our great outdoors, and no state's people are as proud of their public lands as Coloradans. For decades, Coloradans have cherished our public lands and are strong supporters of protecting these lands for the next generation. Whether it is hiking one of Colorado's fourteeners, spending the day exploring Rocky Mountain National Park, sledding down the Great Sand Dunes National Park, or learning abo… Continue Reading


Is Russia Sponsoring Terrorism?

Despite the imposition of unprecedented sanctions against Russia by the Trump administration and Congress over the past year, President Vladimir Putin only seems more intent on causing grievous harm to international peace and stability. Alongside increased financial sanctions against Mr. Putin and his cronies, there is another arrow in the American quiver that would add diplomatic pressure against Russia: The State Department should consider adding the country to its list of state sponsors of t… Continue Reading


Giving more opportunity to Coloradans who feel left behind

Over the past several months, Coloradans have continued to see the positive benefits of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The biggest tax reform package in 30 years is leading to higher wages, bigger paychecks, more jobs, special bonuses, cheaper utility bills, hundreds of billions of dollars of investment in the United States, and more. Despite the onslaught of partisan opposition to tax relief and Americans keeping more of their own hard-earned money, Coloradans know tax relief has delivered mor… Continue Reading


THE PODIUM: With the tax cuts now in place, let’s take some needed next steps

Like so many Coloradans, Lindsey and Jared hustle every day. Jared owns and runs a welding company that he built from the ground up. Lindsey is a self-employed entrepreneur and real estate agent. Together they do their most important work raising their two daughters; they are expecting their third in April. Their work days begin before dawn and end with tucking in toddlers. In short, their work never ends. 2017 was the year that Republicans finally made good on their promise to families like th… Continue Reading


GARDNER: Tax plan a boost to Colorado's economy

Coloradans across the state are hardworking individuals who know what's best for them, their families and their communities. They understand that keeping more of their own money in their own pockets instead of sending it to Washington will provide them with more freedom to make their own decisions. As I travel around the state, I don't hear Coloradans asking for Washington to take more of their hard-earned paychecks. I hear their stories about stagnant wage growth, high taxes and an economy that… Continue Reading


Senator: How to really turn the screws on North Korea

The North Korean regime's dangerous behavior has continued to ramp up -- with its intercontinental ballistic missile test on our nation's Independence Day and its intercontinental missile test last week. These actions must wake up the world. The time for words is over. Such serious provocations deserves global condemnation and a show of determined resolve from the United States and our allies. We need to take decisive action before the situation on the Korean Peninsula leads to a nuclear war… Continue Reading


It’s time to move the BLM west

Moving the Bureau of Land Management west is a commonsense idea supported by Coloradans and Westerners who understand Washington does not always know what's best for our local communities. It is a simple proposal that recognizes 99 percent of the nearly 250 million acres of land managed by BLM is west of the Mississippi River, and having the decision-makers present in the communities they impact will lead to better policy. With partisanship on the rise in Washington, it has become increasingly… Continue Reading


Gardner: Science shouldn't be partisan issue

When it comes to federal research funding, it's easy to overlook the impact it has on our everyday lives. We tend to think of scientific research as an abstract concept where a scientist spends years in a lab working on their invention that never sees the light of day; but the reality is much more complex. Scientific research has a tremendous impact on our economy, our health and our national security, and most of the time we don't even realize how federal research improves our own quality of li… Continue Reading


Gorsuch deserves to be confirmed for U.S. Supreme Court

Judge Neil Gorsuch is one of the country's brightest legal minds and is an exceptional choice to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. The U.S. Senate should swiftly confirm Gorsuch not only because he is immensely qualified, but also because he is a man of principle, intellect and faithful adherence to the law. Some of my Democrat colleagues have said as much in the past when the Senate unanimously approved Gorsuch to serve on the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. Democrats, many who have previously… Continue Reading


Cory Gardner: Making science bipartisan again

"This committee has already addressed one of the greatest long-term threats to American innovation: You've made science bipartisan again, countering rhetoric that has at times made the research community feel under siege." That statement was made by former National Science Board official Dr. Kelvin Droegemeier during a Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee hearing. Then, on Jan. 6 of this year, President Obama signed into law the last-passed legislation of the 114th Congress, th… Continue Reading


Why Donald Trump should make North Korea a top priority

The Obama administration's failed policy of "strategic patience" toward Pyongyang contributed to the rapid development of North Korea's arsenal of mass destruction. The acceleration of its nuclear and ballistic missile program represents a grave threat to global peace and stability -- and a direct threat to the American homeland in the immediate future. In short, turning a blind eye to North Korea produced one of the greatest and most complex security challenges facing the incoming Trump admini… Continue Reading

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