Cory Gardner sworn in to U.S. Senate as Republicans take control

Colorado's newest Senator was sworn in as Republicans assumed full control of both houses of Congress on a snowy day in Washington. Senator Cory Gardner, one of the Republicans whose victory helped propel his party to a majority in the Senate, was sworn in to his term Tuesday. "It is a tremendous honor to be sworn in today as a United States Senator and member of the 114th Congress," he said in a statement provided by his office. "I am humbled by the trust that the people of Colorado have placed in me to be their Senator, and I'm eager to get down to business making Washington, DC work better for the people of our great state." Vice President Joe Biden presided over the ceremony in the Senate chamber. "With the new Senate taking office today, we have a real opportunity and a real responsibility to take action on the major issues facing our state and our country. I talked a lot about these issues on the campaign trail, and am looking forward to working to improve our economy, expand and promote American energy, fix our education system, and preserve and protect our environment," Gardner said. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky was to automatically ascend to majority leader of the Senate following his approval by rank-and-file Republicans last year. McConnell replaces Democrat Harry Reid of Nevada, who was a surprise no-show from the day's proceedings after he fell while exercising and broke several ribs. Members of the House of Representatives re-elected Ohio Republican John Boehner as speaker, despite tea party opposition. Gardner formerly represented Colorado's 4th Congressional District. That seat now belongs to Ken Buck, another Republican.

By:  Phil Tenser
Source: The Denver Channel