Second Amendment

I am proud to support and protect an individual’s right to keep and bear arms. Colonial-era state charters recognized this vital protection well before the framers enshrined it in the Second Amendment of our Constitution, and the right is just as fundamental to our American identity today as it was centuries ago.

Despite a long, rich tradition, the Second Amendment has been repeatedly attacked and undermined. These misguided campaigns against a fundamental American right only seek to limit the freedoms of law-abiding citizens. Americans must have the ability to determine the best way to protect and defend themselves. It is vital that Congress follow the principles of personal liberty that guided our founding fathers and protect the Second Amendment from needless government overreach. This individual right must not be eroded in any capacity.

For centuries, Americans have exercised their Second Amendment rights responsibly, and I’m committed to pursuing policies that encourage such responsible firearm usage. By focusing on mental health services and stopping dangerous individuals from obtaining firearms, we can prevent heinous, criminal acts from occurring. We must also continue to emphasize the importance of firearm training and safety, ideals often passed down from generation to generation of responsible gun owners. By exercising Second Amendment rights responsibly, we honor this centuries-old tradition that has served as a bedrock of American society.