Jobs and the Economy

Our economy is slowly recovering from the severe recession in 2008. Americans are returning to work, corporate earnings are high, and the stock market has risen past pre-recession levels. However, these gains mask the fact that middle class Coloradans and Americans are still struggling to make ends meet. Measures like labor force participation and workers’ hourly earnings are either flat or going in the wrong direction, indicating that we still have a long ways to go until the middle class feels like the recovery is real.

I’ve called this our “veneered economy”, and you don’t have to scratch too far below the surface to see American families hurting. The urban-rural divide in this country is a heartbreaking example of unbalanced economic growth that has changed the small towns and main streets that once served as vital community hubs. More must be done to ensure that all Americans benefit from our country’s economic prosperity.

A strong, vibrant economy starts with simple, predictable, pro-growth tax policy that encourages investment and risk taking to maximize long-term growth. Misguided proposals that discourage investment, such as taxing capital gains at a higher rate, would kill jobs in Colorado and across the country. We also need to make sure our workforce has the skills necessary to compete in a 21st century economy. This will encourage companies to continue investing here and creating well-paying, middle-class jobs. Finally, increasing public and private investment in research and development would ensure that America continues to lead the global economy. With policies like these, we’ll be able to grow our economy and get this nation back to work in jobs and salaries that allow them to achieve their dreams.