I strongly believe quality in education stems from the state rather than the federal government, because local school boards, communities, and parents best understand the needs of their students and are therefore better equipped to make decisions that will lead to excellence in education. I support reducing the federal role in education and returning authority to where it belongs: state and local community’s authority.  Coloradans know best what their students need and Washington bureaucrats do not need to interfere.

It's absolutely critical, therefore, that we get Congress out of the classroom.

Another part of ensuring students receive a high caliber education is giving students the hands on experience and skills they need to succeed in the workforce. This is why I have always been a strong supporter of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. America is a leader in science and technology and we need to prepare students for these professions in order to remain competitive.  Current projections estimate that the need STEM-related jobs to grow by nearly 10 million by 2018, but only U.S. Department of Education found only 16% of high school students are interested in a STEM career.  The future of the STEM field is robust and Congress must support policies to prepare students for these careers. 

Lastly, as someone still paying off student loans, I understand how important it is to keep college affordable.  The cost of tuition has skyrocketed and as a result college has become further out of reach. I believe Congress must invest in the future now by providing students with high quality, affordable education.  Our children deserve bright futures, the chance to accomplish their dreams, and the ability to reach their full potential, just as generations before them have had the opportunity to do so. A high quality education that gives students the skills they need to compete in the global economy is one of the foundations of future success beyond the classroom.