Agriculture and Water

Over the past century, my family has owned and operated a farm equipment dealership in Yuma, Colorado. Growing up on the Eastern Plains, I have been able to observe firsthand the positive impact that agriculture has on our economy and rural communities. We are fortunate in our state to have a robust agriculture industry ranging from corn and wheat, to dairy and meats, to potatoes and lettuce.

For years, the federal government has set up more and more regulatory hurdles and roadblocks for agriculture production, making it harder and harder to turn a profit. Rather than getting in the way of farmers and ranchers, I believe we should incentivize agriculture production and allow our rural communities to grow and thrive. In Congress, I have been a strong supporter of advancing free trade to grow our agriculture industry.

For agriculture to prosper, we must also continue to put an emphasis on our most precious natural resource: water. With much of the West mired in a deep drought combined with explosive population growth along the Front Range, Colorado must be vigilant in taking steps to meet this increased demand for water. While conservation has and must be a part of the solution, I believe the federal government should be more efficient in the permitting and approval of new water storage projects.